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Donors Honor Roll - Stephens Memorial Sunroom Annual Appeal

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In October, 2020, we started raising funds to enclose our covered patio on the east side of the building. We are naming it in honor of Russell Stephens, long-time Board Member and supporter of the Buchanan Area Senior Center (BASC). Russ envisioned this project as a logical way to expand the BASC, and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for separate program spaces with fresh air flow became crucially apparent. This project will achieve both aims, and we are fittingly naming it in honor of Russell.

We gratefully acknowledge and sincerely thank the following donors to the Annual Appeal for the Stephens Memorial Sunroom:


2022 Donors Honor Roll

Mary Adams

Micah Barrett

Grace Batchelor

Jane Boebel

Dr. Robert Brown

Buchanan American Legion

Buchanan Lodge 68 F. & A.M

Helen Buggie

Adam Burck

Jenny Chapla

Chuck Clem

Louis & Catherine Desenberg

Barb Druelinger


Joyce Ferris

Jerry Flenar

Kay Foster

Francis Wright Trust

Anita Grace

Leonard & Nancy Harris

Diane Heiler

Deb Hendrix

Diana & Dick Hickock

Honor Credit Union

Stephen & Carol Jackson

Yolanda Julian

Lauren Krueger

Tina Krumrie

Conrad & Mary Beth Larson

Mike Lasiewicz

Lean Factory America

Monroe Lemay

Betty Letcher Estate

Linda Luhrsen

Jayme Marrow

Bob Marsh

McCarty Well Drilling

Joan McGuire

Norma Metzger

Michigan Gateway Community Fdn.

John & Barbara O'Connell

Mary Ann Riley

Sue Rose

Marion Runyon

Flo Sasaki

Janet Shuler

Terri Sisk

Julie Sisner-Feece

Pam Sten

Wendi Stephenson

Elizabeth Tucek

Frances Tuite

Chuck Underly

Judy & Doyle Vergon

Harold Wagner

Bob and Kathy White

Vergline Wolfe

Leona Wonacott

Karen Yech

Sue Zimmerle

2021 Donors Honor Roll

Grace Batchelor

Buchanan-Galien Lions Club

Charles Clem

Jane Doebell

Linda Fisk

Esther Florey

Kay Foster

Barbara Gooch

Fran Gowen

Joyce Green

Doris Harris

Marilyn Holden

Don Holmes

Roma Holmes

Carolyn Kenney

Lauren Krueger

Thomas Kuhlman

Monroe Lemay

Gene Lolmaugh

Linda Luhrsen

Bob March

Lawrence & Elaine Marsh

Beverly Matthews

Willa McGaluchlin

Norma Metzger

Norma Metzger

Terry Perkins

Gillian Robbins

Lois Rusch

Cheryl Schulkins

Janis Sexton

Janet Shuler

Pam Sten

Donald & Nancy Swartz

Geneva Swem

Judy & Doyle Vergon

Donna & Alabert Wines

Vergline Wolfe

Leona Wonacott

Francis L. Wright Trust

2020 Donors Honor Roll

Beverly Matthews

Norma Metzger

Margaret Hayden

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